Neumob Integration Support

The Neumob Mobile Service is an App Acceleration framework for a Mobile-First World. Our simple 2-line SDK speeds up app performance on networks around the world.


For a quick overview of the integation effort, please consult Neumob Quick Start Guide

There are three components to any integration:

  1. Before you can speed up your application, you’ll need to go through our simple sign up process for a free Neumob account where you can register your applications and get any client keys. If this is your first time using Neumob, check out the portal and you can get up and running in less than 5 minutes!
  2. The Neumob SDK provides a simple API to accelerate your mobile application traffic. Simply including and initializing the Neumob SDK with a single line of code will enable your application access to our cloud network and accelerate your app data traffic.
  3. It is common to have request filters or other restrictions on what can access your content. Your operations/CDN staff may need to configure to allow Neumob servers to access your CDN or origin. Please check the Server-side configuration instructions for more detail.