By default, Neumob logs messages that are useful to verify Neumob initialization. To disable or tune what log messages are printed use the setLogLevel API. To retrieve the current log level use the logLevel API.

// Objective C
[Neumob setLogLevel:NMLogLevelNone];
NSLog(@"Current Neumob log level is none: %@",
     [Neumob logLevel] == NMLogLevelNone ? @"true" : @"false");
// Swift
print("Current Neumob log level is none: \(Neumob.logLevel() == NMLogLevel.None)");

The logging levels available in order of verbosity are as follows:

  1. NMLogLevelDetail - Print all messages
  2. NMLogLevelWarning - Only print warning and error messages
  3. NMLogLevelError - Only print error messages
  4. NMLogLevelNone - Turn off all Neumob log message